Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Jumping Out of a Cake!

No, not really. That was a lie, but I was won as a prize, so perhaps I should have done (the kids would have loved it).

As you can tell from the drawing above, on Monday I broke off from my bears for a day, to travel to Pewithall Primary School in Runcorn. I had to get up at 5am though (EEEEEEEEEK) for a 5.45 taxi to the station (the connections from Sheffield were dreadful and I had to change twice).

This was me waiting on Stockport station for my first connection (I tinted the drawings later, in Photoshop):

And this is the 2nd leg of my morning, probably my favourite sketch of the day, particularly as I was sitting a row in front, and so had to draw him by bending backwards and peering between the seats!!

I wish I had time to tint my sketches more often - I'm really pleased with how they've come out. John's been off gallivanting again on a boy's night out this evening, so I've been playing Molly-No-Mates, spending the evening on the computer.

This hairy chappy was my last victim of the morning as, finally, I was on the train into Runcorn:

It was worth the pain, as we had a lovely day. I never tire of working with kids, and Pewithall Primary were a smashing bunch. They won me in a prize draw, set up by The Travelling Book Company (a book supplier, who also act as an agent to get people like me into schools).

I'm back on my way home again now - Runcorn to Crewe (he's looking very smart for the back end of the day, don't you think?). Putting them all together like this makes me realise how prolific a journey it was.

I've changed my mind: this next is my fave.

He was so extraordinary looking, with the wide brim over the black died hair, wearing a heavy wool, plaid coat (when most people were in shirt sleeves), drainpipes and red leather shoes. And that Adam's apple...

One thing let him down though: he was carrying a Clinton Cards carrier bag. Not very cool!


Jessie said...

My favourite too! What a character, it's great to see people having an individual style, something I envy I suppose! I'm still in shock over my son's radical haircut he had done yesterday...just posted about it! :o)

granny grimble said...

I love it when you tint your sketches. You have it just right. Do you make notes of colours in situ, or do you go where your fancy takes you when you get home?
Talking of fancies - Every one should jump out of a cake once in a life time. some could manage a fairy cake, whilst others of us would need a Guinness Book of records one!

SarahGaunt said...

I totally love these drawings! I saw some of them on Urban Sketchers. They are totally brilliant! :D

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you! I was quite chuffed at how they sprung to life with the colour.

I didn't take any notes, I just made it up as I went along, sort of colour-doodling. I quite enjoyed designing the tie colours (the textile designer in me trying to get out!).

Ira Robbins said...

Love it!

Apple-Pine said...

great characters! And I think that combination of pencil fluid-ness with that fat flat color mass really works! I would even convert it into a tea towel set - or a set of travel handkerchiefs! Did you know that there is this Spoonflower place where you can let your textile-self play more? :)

raena said...

What a productive day! Fabulous work!

Kim Herbst said...

I love that you keep your sketches b/w with a wonderful color behind them!! I'm incredibly inspired :)

Edrian Thomidis said...

Wonderful work!