Thursday 25 June 2009


I'm still working on Bears on the Stairs. The bears have evolved further, as I knew they would, especially the biggest one. Remember my first sketch:

I want all 3 to appear very distinct from each another, so I've decided to make Big Bear more like a real bear. The body shape is actually nothing like a teddy:

I like their flat feet, that make me think of Dr Seuss (a childhood favourite).
I also love the long thin claws that are so bear-like, but I'm wary of the Freddy Kruger thing kicking in. And, though it specifically mentions his teeth, I think I can only get away with them if the rest is less menacing, so I've done away with the pose above and gone for this instead:

Far less scary, but still has an edge to him I hope. Idly playing with the child's toy reminded me of the mock-playful thing I've seen in gangster films, right before something nasty happens! The pose works well with the text too (see below) as he is now more obviously blocking the bedroom door.

I have fitted him into the relevant layout, so now need to fill the left hand side - I'm thinking loud wallpaper and family portraits down the wall (a good device for showing reassuringly happy family life too).

I'm hoping the last couple of pics should enlarge more if you click them (I'm trying stuff which might or might not work!)


cassia said...

nice. Although generally, I get incredibly frustrated at the whole 'too scary' issue, I think you've actually resolved this spread far better as a result. I love the narrative to it. And afterall, one of the things a lot of kids fear most is a bigger kid stealing their toys! Think this is going to be lovely.

granny grimble said...

I like this bear very much. He's taking on a great personality. He certainly has he air of a cowardly bully rather than a scary killer, that children will identify with.
Sorry but the pictures don't enlarge, well not on my computer any way!

Jess said...

It works so much better having him sat. His weight alone is a force to reckon with! I love your idea of the family photos too, this is so much fun watching your drawings develop!x

Anonymous said...

I think i may have managed to leave a comment this time,, hopefully,,your images are coming on beautifully, i like how you have created Big bear at the top of the stairs, sitting,,love your work.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I think your scary bear looks pretty darn good... I was scared just a couple of years ago on a holiday in a cabin in the woods, had the window open for the cool night breeze, and a bear came up on the porch to knock over rocking chairs and nose about... I WAS TERRIFIED... he smelled HORRID the stink woke me up, and listening to him put his nose to that screen huffing his foul breath in and out right beside where I was lying (very still... scared to even move)... lucky we had no food in the room or on the porch and he wandered away.... but seeing your bears reminded me of the terror I felt....
Good luck with your bear story.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Wow what a frightening story, although quite an experience too! Sorry to give you the shivers Capt E!

Thanks for your feedback all - much appreciated.

Re enlarging - you're right, it didn't work. I tried loading the pic at 1200px wide, but it seems to be resizing to fit rather than creating a link! Any other tips for me people??