Tuesday 9 June 2009

Back from Novy Bor


Sorry I've not been talking to you for a while - some good friends of mine just married and, since she is Czech, they held the wedding in a little town called Novy Bor. We decided to make a week of it and spent a couple of days in Prague too. Of course, I did a bit of sketching. These are my favourites, both done on the Charles Bridge:


Last time I drew all pointy buildings, so this time I concentrated on people. I thought it was rather ironic to draw a portrait of the portrait artists, so sat down beside him as he began work.


I tried to do some sketches during the ceremony, but they didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, as the lighting was quite low and ambient - always a problem for me these days (getting old!). I turned them into a wedding card that you can see in the Picture Gallery.

It was lovely to experience some different wedding customs. My favourite was during the wedding feast - the bride and groom were swaddled together in a huge napkin and they had to feed each other soup, which looked very tricky!

The groom's speech was so moving that everyone was in tears. I dabbed at my eyes with my napkin, then put it back on the table, on top of a tea-light. We were all so engrossed, nobody noticed until there were actual flames leaping up from the table! I was accused of attention seeking again...


Buskitten said...

Oh, ha ha ha ha ha! Lynne, what are you like! It sounds like an amazing time though, how lovely you were able to go.... Great sketches, as ever! I was on several frustrating trains yesterday - but found the whole thing far too exhuasting to draw! getting chucked off at Preston, bus to Lancaster..... Got home five hours later than I shoulda! Next time, I'll take the car!

Mary said...

What a brilliant story! Beautiful sketches too and so detailed. I really must do more sketching. thanks for sharing them with us x

Doda said...

Lovely sketches - and goodness me, that napkin story was hilarious. Sounds rather like something out of a slapstick movie.

Lynne the Pencil said...

I know, but totally true I swear!

I also left my entire wedding day outfit at home, still hanging on the wardrobe door, and with only really casual gear left, had to cobble together an outfit with borrowed bits from friends.

I do seem to have come over all Laurel & Hardy!

cassia said...

That's hilarious!!!! How did you put it out? I think I'd try dribbling profusely, hoping no one noticed!

Excellent lot of sketches this past few sessions. I have to say, whilst being insanely jealous of your skills in drawing buildings, I like the people and pants ones best!!! cxxx

Lynne the Pencil said...

My neighbour plunged it into my (full) glass of white wine - what a cheek!