Thursday, 11 June 2009

A Trip to York (and Back, Eventually)

Immediately before Prague, I spent a lovely day at Woodthorpe Primary School in York. The school had pre-ordered lots of books, so the children were really geared up and excited. Everything I needed was all set up for me in the hall (thanks Harriet!), with a pretty display and brand new, top quality flip chart pads and pens - what luxury!

Inspired by Korky Paul, who
painted on the flip chart in Hay, I tried a bit of colour (only with pens though - what a wimp). This is our joint monster creation (which the kids named a Frumple-Pock), designed after reading Rocky and The Lamb:

I did storytellings all day with KS1 classes, then something new - the school invited parents and teachers to a short after-school talk. Given how many other things there are to be done at that time, I was chuffed that so many people turned up, and I got some lovely feedback.

Really boobed on the way home though. Listening to my Ipod on York station, I couldn't hear the announcements. The fast train to London pulled into my platform just a couple of minutes before mine. I blithely got on and was happily sketching for 20 minutes, until the ticket collector came along and broke the news.

On The Wrong Train!

I had to carry on for an hour to Peterborough, the only stop before London, before I could get off, then change again at Doncaster and work my way back to Sheffield. Didn't get home until 8.30pm - what an idiot!


Ira Robbins said...

Lynne, sorry for your trouble there but you did produce a great sketch!

cassia said...

what is going on with you? It's like you've turned into Benny Hill or something!!! Agree about the sketch though- worth it just for that! x

Apple-Pine said...

Lynne; Sorry to hear about this bummer of a ride! But very glad to see you picture while at school (Love that monster and kids look very busy!) and a wonderful sketch on the train! Wish it could come at a cheaper price though ;)