Friday, 17 April 2009

Website Redesign

Do you remember AGES ago I said I was thinking about paying someone to update my website? It's taken a while to pin down what I need, and what's possible, but I believe we are just about ready to go.

I had a meeting this morning with Diego, who is going to tackle the job. His office is nearby, so we've already met a couple of times, talking through possibilities. The site's a bit of a beast: I originally built it myself, nearly 10 years ago now, and have been slowly adding to it along the way. It doesn't look too bad, considering, but the systems I've used are antiquated now, so it's a nightmare to keep updated.

Enter Diego! We have devised a plan of action and he is making a start next week. Superficially, the homepage will look much the same, but some pages will look quite different I think and it should work a lot better.

In the meantime, be patient with the poor old website. Diego is going to try and keep it functional as far as possible, but there may be some anomalies, and of course, I won't be adding anything new now until it's finished.

And if there's anything you want to see that isn't there, now's the time to say...


Doda said...

Cool. I'd like a link to your illustration Friday entries. I love to see how you were inspired by the theme. Maybe you could link direct from your blog to where you store them?

I'm sure your new site is going to be great, but I have to say you did pretty good with the site yourself.

Lynne Chapman said...

Good idea. I do have a link from the blog, although it's rather a long way down, so I'll move it up.

The link might not always work though, because of the redesign: the various links between blog and website will be flaky for a while.