Monday, 27 April 2009

More Sketchbook Twiddling

Here, as promised, are some more of my sketchbook drawings from Germany that I've been playing with.

We stayed in a lovely little first floor apartment. This was the view from the window - I love it when you can get above. I really liked the bike against the railing!

On the left is the original pencil sketch. I have tinted it in much the same way as the earlier examples, using a duotone, then exaggerating the paper textures. I like the way the tinted version has the slight suggestion of an etching.

This is the same view, but looking straight down. We were above a bar. Below is the untouched pencil version:

I wanted to add a bit of oomph to this one, as there wasn't much tonal contrast, so I created a coloured paper background behind the duotone line. I exaggerated the paper texture by fiddling with the colour balance.

This last was in Hamburg's botanical gardens, the Blumen und Planten park:

It was a lovely sunny day, so the sketch already has quite dramatic tones and markmaking, so I didn't want to add any texture. However, the pencil work reminded me of some drawings I did back home, onto buff sugar-paper, which worked rather well, so I mocked up the same effect. Here's one of the drawings on the actual sugar-paper:

I have posted more of these, as well as some oil pastel versions of the same view, over on my Picture Gallery.

By the way, that Afrikaans copy of An Itch to Scratch is still up for grabs, if anyone's interested before I advertise it on Freecycle.


Buskitten said...

Lovely sketchbook twiddlings, Lynne, it's amazing what you can do electronically. I have just applied for a job which asks you to know a bit about Adobe-type things (and I don't!) so I just sort of glossed over it! Yikes!

Buskitten said...

Oh, and isn't 'Twiddling' a lovely word?!

Ira Robbins said...

love the park drawing

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks guys.

Good luck with the job app Buskitten!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

You have been SO SOOOO creative recnetly, Lynne, absolutely wonderful work. I'm so jealous!