Friday, 24 April 2009

Back to Life Drawing

I've not done any life drawing since February, when I did those quickie sketches while teaching, and have not found time to go to any proper sessions since the couple I tried in early January!

So last night I made the effort. The group had to move out of the first place, and is now temporarily meeting in a community centre, about a 30 min walk from me.

I carried all manner of art materials with me, but in the end only used straight forward pencil. Not sure why. You can bet your life if I'd only taken a pencil, I'd have discovered a desperate urge for oil pastels!

Only 4 other people showed up, which was just as well, since the new room was only slightly bigger than a cupboard - I kid you not!! The light wasn't that great either - I really struggle in poor light since I started wearing glasses (I've found I can't sketch in pubs any more).

Having said all that, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I was pretty happy with the drawings too, given how long I've been away. The sheet at the top was two longer poses, the one on the left is 3 short ones, 5 - 10 mins each.


Ira Robbins said...

these are wonderful!

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Ira. I've realised that it's actually quite liberating, not having to select something to draw, or decide whether to go for it or not.