Sunday, 22 March 2009

RIP Mr Strongmouse

I am feeling a little bit upset at the moment. I had a call from someone trying to order copies of Mr Strongmouse and the Baby. They’d been told it was unavailable, so I phoned Orchard Books. Turns out, it has gone out of print and… there won’t be a reprint! It’s really sad, as people still regularly tell me Mr Strongmouse is one of their favourites, but unfortunately that’s the way it goes in modern times.

Apparently I should have had a letter but, guess what? Same old story: when they checked it out, I’d been overlooked, and only the author was told. It’s a hard life, being the poor old illustrator!

So, short of the public getting up-in-arms and storming the offices of Orchard Books, waving pitchforks and burning torches (hmm, I guess that’s not all that likely…) it’s effectively the end of Mr S.

I’ll still read him regularly in schools, as he makes for some fun workshops, and so try to keep his spirit alive, but I can’t help wiping away a little, mouse-sized tear…


Doda said...


I'm sorry for your tragic loss.
If only, oh just maybe
they could put them into print again ?
Poor Strongmouse and the baby.

cassia said...

what a shame. And not to be told either...? I know you'll bring out even bigger and even better books though, and kids never forget the books they've loved.

Lynne Chapman said...

Yes, I suppose that's true. It seems so final though.

It's the first one that's gone out of print totally and (probably) forever. I suppose I should consider myself lucky for that really.

Sytiva Sheehan said...

Really like Mr. Strongmouse exercising. Just too cute!
Great character.