Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Teaching Students

Remember I mentioned I'd been invited to teach a few life drawing sessions at the local university? I did the first one this week.

I was a little anxious beforehand, which I suppose is natural, as I've not done any lecturing for years, but as soon as I found the room and the students started arriving, I was fine, and I really enjoyed it.

Hit a bit of a snag at the outset, when the life model didn't turn up, but it was fine: I just asked for volunteers, and students took it in turns to pose (keeping their clothes on of course!).

Few of the students had much experience, but I definitely think they got better during the sessions. I sneaked a quick 5 mins to do this one, although I had to work standing up, which is my excuse for it being a bit ropey!

On the way home, I did this quick sketch on the bus. It was rather bumpy so I had to keep stopping! I had my first dabble with my new watercolours when I got in, and tried tinting it. It's not everything I would hope for, but it didn't entirely ruin the sketch either, so that'll do for now!


get zapped said...

I love your play with watercolor, it's beautiful. How wonderful to put oneself out, run into a challenge and move along with it. I enjoyed your story.

Doda said...

I'm so impressed that you can do something so amazing and call it a sketch! What a talent.
Sounds like you are enjoying your teaching.

(PS. Another giveaway going on at my blog just now)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Love both of these. Excellent.