Thursday, 15 January 2009

Drawing with an Audience

A while ago I visited Vietnam, where this photo was taken. I did a lot of sketching because there was so much to draw, and rarely got away without an audience of at least one or two, sometimes quite a crowd!

I have got used to people watching me while I'm sketching, though I know some people find the idea rather daunting. For some reason, I find it easier when I'm abroad than in England.

The photo is in the Mekong Delta. It was a hot, sunny morning so I went for a pre-breakfast walk. The community was crisscrossed by countless narrow river channels and you weaved your way around by crossing lots of little bridges. People were very friendly. I can't find the actual sketch I am doing above, but this is another done in the same place:

I know I don't normally post non-current stuff on this blog, but I've done it to let you know about my new post on the Picture Gallery: Sketching in Public, where you can see more photos of Vietnam and hear about my experiences of drawing with people looking over my shoulder.

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