Friday, 16 January 2009

2nd Life Drawing Session

I had another go at the life drawing on Thursday evening. It's pretty exhausting, giving it the necessary concentration at that time of night, but I still get a buzz from the urgency of having to squeeze every second from the time, trying to get it all down.

This first one was a ten minute drawing at A3, same model as last week. I think it's the best I did, because it's the loosest, which is odd, given it was the first of the evening. It's done in a graphite stick - a lovely medium if you haven't tried it, because it just glides across the paper, and gives you both fine and very fat marks.

Above is a 15 minute pose. I drew it in one of the fat Stabilo watercolour pencils. When I got it home, I thought it was a bit dull, so I added the water. It was still a bit monochrome, so when I got it on the computer, I meddled with the colour balance to add more interest.

This last is the full hour pose. More successful than last week's, partly because I was more comfortable, on a chair. The texture coming through is because I was experimenting with using a sheet of cardboard as a drawing board: lighter to hold on your lap.

I used the Stabilo pencils again, but also tried out a water brush: a brilliant invention! You fill the brush with water, like a fountain pen, then squeeze.


Carla said...

Your life drawing is very good. I always hated it in college! It looks like you are getting great enjoyment from it.

alejandro boim said...

Lynne, thanks and above all thanks for your stuff , is great!!!!!

cassia said...

I really love the long pose acutally. It's really beautiful. All the weighting's right and the perspective's lovely. It's got the looseness of a quick sketch. I'd definitely hang that one on my wall with pride! x

Ellis Nadler said...

I like the short pose best (often the case). As for your question I post the "widows" as I do them. Would like to have an exhibition eventually when there are enough of 'em.

Lynne Chapman said...

You seem to have done quite a few already. They would make a great show.