Thursday, 18 December 2008


Thank you Deborah Melmon for these fantastic awards! This is the first time anyone has honoured my blog in this way, so it's especially lovely.

I think I should pass them on to someone whose blog has been making me smile for some time now, and who has the most original style I've come across in ages: Juan Carlos Federico. Below is a taster of his work.

His answers to the Illustration Friday topics are always amongst the cleverest and wittiest of the group, and if you haven't seen his blog already, get over there and cheer up your day - you won't be disappointed!


Juan said...

Thank you very much Lynne!!
It is a great honor for me this recognition of a great artist like you.
I love your wonderful work!

Lynne Chapman said...

You are SO welcome!

Deb said...

Hey, those awards look really good on your blog!
And thank you for the link....:o) You're too kind.
Just love, love, love your work. So happy to have met you!

Mia Charro said...

your work is amazing, it´s full of colour, and very funny! Beautiful!

granny grimble said...

Congratulations Lynne, a well deserved award! XX

Choccy said...

100% agree.Your blog is a ray of sunshine on a cold wintery day.
So gld I came across it.
Well done, for your awards are well deserved.