Friday, 7 November 2008

Phone A Friend

Regular readers will recognise Sausage washing his tail.

Life has been so disjointed lately, I've been having trouble getting down to my Lila and Sausage project. There's so much admin associated with school visits that, when I do have a day to work on my story, I lack concentration and
allow myself to get distracted.

It's easy to lose enthusiasm and momentum under such circumstances, but I've been given a real boost this week, by chatting to a friend: fellow author/illustrator, Cassia Thomas (the illustration below is her work)

Cass has looked over Lila and Sausage for me, and given me some really useful feedback. When you're too close to the work, it's difficult to see the real strengths and weaknesses, so another pair of eyes is invaluable. Even better when those eyes belong to another illustrator, who really understands where you're coming from.

Cass was totally honest, but also very supportive, and I've made quite a few changes. They are mostly subtle things, but this drawing (originally my opening image) is going entirely, to create more room later on, when things get exciting (I hope!).

I feel I have a better handle on it now: more energised and ready to get stuck into drawing what's needed. I've got 7 days to get it presentable.

So, thank you Cass - you're a star!


weechuff said...

Good luck Lynne! 7 days isn't really very long is it, but of course you will do it with time to spare I am sure!

cassia said...

awww! It was lovely speaking to you too. It sometimes feels like I'm on desert/dessert (either is applicable!) island Cass so it was a really fab to chew the proverbial! Anytime, you're more than welcome!

granny grimble said...

Glad to hear that you've managed to clear your head and to get into the new book again. How far into it do you have to get for the first meeting? A week doesn't seem very long!

ArtSparker said...

Enjoyed your wise owl for illustration friday, he has a lot of personality

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks all!

A week isn't long enough to get it all drawn, but I'll do a more readable set of thumbnails and then draw key pictures, until I run out of time.

I'll let you know how it's going later on next week...