Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Finishing Touches

Today has been my last day to work on my Lila and Sausage story, before presenting it to a publisher for the first time (eek!). I've been finishing those thumbnails (see Progress Report), so it's drawn all the way through in miniature. In places I've also trimmed the text further, as I went along.

Obviously book shapes vary enormously, not just from publisher to publisher, but even within the same imprint. I decided to design it to fit the page proportions of Class Two at the Zoo and Class Three all at Sea, partly because these are my other Hodder titles and it's Hodder I'm showing it to first, but also because the almost square format suits the story, as it makes for longer, slimmer double page spreads.

I have also done this colour sample of Lila and Sausage today, as well as one complete page from the story.

I am off to London with it all first thing in the morning, for a lunchtime meeting. Afterwards, I'm getting together with an illustrator friend (remember Cassia?) for a debriefing, followed by commiserations or celebrations: whichever seems appropriate!

I arranged the meeting tomorrow, to coordinate with a party in the evening. It's Egmont's 'author and illustrator' party: at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden this year. I'm invited because they are the publishers of A Lark in the Ark.

It's a long way to go just for a few glasses of free wine, so the meeting makes it more worthwhile. It'll also help to cheer me up if Hodder hate my idea!


Doda said...

Hi, I hope it all goes amazingly well!
Looking forward to hearing.

Buskitten said...

Hiya Lynne,
Fantastic submission for IF topic 'Pretend', and I LOVE your wailing animals next to the Hodder comment! Just brilliant!
I am checking out electronic illustration courses for next year at our local art college - scary, as I am old and the students will all be young, but Heyho!
Best Wishes,

cassia said...

I love, love, love Lila and Sausage- they're gorgeous!!! Sausage is particularly fab. It's great to see them at this size too. the busy spreads I've seen in Class 2 and 3 are fab and very funny too, but singling out characters allows us to appreciate them even more. Plus, I wonder whether you think there's an extra vibrancy when working with your own characters because it certainly seems to be the case with this pair.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Am going to be an embarrassing celeb spotter- a weird state of affairs when you don't actually know what the celebs look like! I'd love to meet Chris Riddell, but I think I'll crawl under the table in fright rather than speak to him.

Blimey, I better shut up and go to bed. Break a leg tomorrow. cx

Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli said...

That's very exciting. Good luck!

rachel said...

like very much the sketch look, the process of growing an illustration is so interesting.

kathy hare said...

good luck with everything!

I love your image for illustration friday, that silly goat what on earth does he think he is doing!? :)

krisztina maros said...

hi Lynne,
you have fantastic characters, they're simply awesome! love your blog and your entry for 'pretend' too! children must adore your books... i will come back often!

have a nice day,

SeƱor R said...

Lila and Sausage seems very funny :)

Ellen said...

OMG! Could I ever be as good as you? >sigh< I hope so!

Anonymous said...

I followed your link over to your site and was very pleased to see that one of the books you illustrated is still one of our favorite books around here. Big Bad Wolf is Good was one of the earliest books we bought to read to our son. i love how much emotion you get in to your animal faces.

Take care, gJM

theartofpuro said...

Saw your illo on Illustartion Friday,so cute and funny,then I saw your site and blog,your works are great but your Dragon is fantastic

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone and good wishes.

Buskitten - go for it, you'll be fine. It's the mature students who always do the best (I know, I've taught them!)so don't worry.

Lovely to see so many new visitors on the blog - welcome all, and come back soon!!