Monday, 17 November 2008

Fiddling With Proofs

This morning I had to leave my sketching and do some of the jobs I was talking about last time, fiddling around with some of my finished images in Photoshop. It's a bit boring, but it's so good to be able to be in control, right the way through.

You may remember that the Dragon's Dinner proofs were not quite right (see Dragon-Proof!). They're not dreadful, but the colour balance is a bit off. Apparently they've added extra rhodamine (a bright pinky red) to make the dragon's red 'zing' more, but it's made other colours a bit dull and caused a visual anomalies with this cave illustration, where little bits of incidental magenta mark-making are jumping forward from the background.

So I've been trying to adjust certain things subtly. It's hard because what I see on-screen looks fine, it's just that it looks different on the printed proof beside me.

Most of the book will be adjusted at the printers. Remember I said that very occasionally a second proof is done? It seems this is one such occasion. The publisher feels we need to see the colour corrections before we go to print, which is reassuring.



So nice your work Lynne !!
Thanks for your nice comment ,Welcome

sketched out said...

Holy cow! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, so I could find your fantastic work! Wowie wow, I just love it to pieces!!!!

Good luck with the color correction on the Dragon's Dinner. I know how frustrating all that can be.

SENTA said...

I hear ya there, proofing can be such a pain! THis is different but you reminded me of it, I was on a press check last week and thought I found a mistake, and made them do new plates and everything...and afterward I remembered my boss had wanted it like that! EEK!!!

Anonymous said...

Your dragon looks fab. All the proof stuff sounds v technical but its great that you can alter it at home.

See soon
Cara xx.

Bobo said...

I love your works, they're fun, imaginative and very beautiful executed!

Fadas & C.ª said...

I took a look on your blog and fall in love!!! What amazing work! Congratullations! I added on my favorites!

Lynne Chapman said...

Gee shucks - thanks guys!!!

It's so lovely to get such warm comments. Really appreciated.

Fabián Fucci said...

Thanks for your kind comment, I really dig these dragons of yours!