Saturday, 29 November 2008

All Good Publicity...

I've been doing a different sort of writing this week. Polly Ives of Music In The Round (see Giddy Goat the Musical) arranged for me to write an article in next week's Sheffield Telegraph: all part of the promotion of the Giddy Goat Christmas performance next Sunday.

The Telegraph run a regular feature, Favourite Things, where local celebrities (!) are asked to write 1000 words on their favourite places in and around Sheffield.

I've really enjoyed doing it. I thought of the old, Victorian cemetery (above) straight away, and our quirky, local cafe. There's also a very special place just outside the city, called Surprise View (the lovely photo's by Phil Bird) that's always been a favourite. But then I really had to think. You are asked not to choose the obvious places that everyone loves, like the Botanical Gardens, Crucible Theatre etc but to make it more personal.

It gave me the opportunity to consider what I love about Sheffield (and I do love Sheffield). I moved here around 20 years ago from London, because I couldn't afford a house down there. I didn't know anyone.

I chose Sheffield almost randomly, because it was surrounded by such amazing and wild countryside (no less than 2 National Parks on our boundary) and because, during a one-off day trip, I liked the lively, multi-cultural feel of the place. I worried it might be hard, but I have never looked back! This is John and I well wrapped up in the local Derbyshire hills last winter.

If you would like to read my choices for 10 favourite places in Sheffield, click here. Then why not leave me a suggestion of your own?


Anonymous said...

I visited your website and blogs, and am so impressed with your work!

Your travel sketches are what I would love mine to be, but my travel always seems to be so hectic, that the sketches I do look hectic, too. And your illustration work is terrific.

I enjoyed my visit with your work a great deal... Thanks, Kate

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you - lovely to have you on board!