Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I was working away on my Dragon's Dinner scans this morning. All looking good. I turned the computer off at lunch time, to give it a rest, and went downstairs to grab a quick sandwich and a half hour eye-break in the garden. Couldn't allow myself much longer, as the work is now super-urgent. I promised to have everything done by tomorrow night to post to Hodder.

When I turned the computer back on, it made all the usual noises, but the screen stayed black. I turned it off and turned it on again. Nothing. I turned it off, unplugged it at the wall, waited 5 minutes and turned it on again. Still nothing. Then I did what I always do in such circumstances:

a) panic b) phone John at work.

My long-suffering husband, who has quite enough to contend with, nevertheless managed to find a monitor to borrow, to tide me over tomorrow. What a star. Until he gets in from work though, all I can do is grind my teeth. Grrrrrr.

It's somehow far more frustrating, knowing that the computer is working fine, sitting there eagerly waiting for me to click the right buttons, if only I could see them! At least I have John's laptop to play on while I wait, but it looks like I am going to be doing the late shift tomorrow night.


granny grimble said...

Oh dear! I hope it repairable, I assume that this is your super ginormous screen that cost an arm and a leg? These things always happen at the worse possible time don't they? Good luck and I hope you meet your deadline OK

Lynne Chapman said...

No, it's officially expired. But the cavalry has arrived with my stand-in, so I'm back in business.

It did cost an arm and several legs, but it is the size of a small car, rather than a flat screen, so it needed upgrading soon anyway.

weechuff said...

How frustrating for you Lynne! It is strange how we feel absolutely lost when our computer isn't working. Everyone I talk to feels the same way, but it is much worse when it is used for your work.

Lynne Chapman said...

It certainly adds an extra frisson! The monitor John has borrowed is great though, so thank goodness I'm back in action this morning.

Mart C said...

Do you use an Applemac? I've got three (sorry, four!) of them here, including a complete spare mac mini with flat monitor which can be borrowed at a moment's notice if you're ever stuck.

Lynne Chapman said...

That is SO kind of you. Four eh - I'm impressed!

Unfortunately I am a PC person though. But thank you for the offer anyway.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh what a pain! Thank goodness there always seems to be someone who can help out in these emergencies. I bet you'll love your new flat screen though :O)

Lynne Chapman said...

I do (even though this one's not mine yet).

John has been on at me for a while to trade in my gollumphing great 21 inch, but I've hung on because it still worked fine and cost an outragous amount at the time.

But apart from the smaller depth, I didn't realised how much less reflective the flat screens are.

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