Thursday, 28 August 2008

Kangaroo Gets 15 Mins of Fame!

I have just heard that Kangaroo's Cancan Cafe is going to be featured on CBBC sometime soon! The author, Julia Jarman, just emailed me with the good news. Exciting stuff.

Actually, between you and me, I'm feeling slightly unloved, because Julia has had a contract for the broadcast arrive from the publisher this morning, while I have heard nothing at all.

This happened once before, about a year ago, with The Show at Rickety Barn, which has now been read quite a few times on CBeebies for Bedtime Story. But it wasn't until Tim, a friend of mine, emailed me one day to say, 'I've just seen your book on TV!' that I found out anything about it. Well done Tim! Unfortunately, I never got to see it, as I don't have children, but since that first time it must have been repeated, as a few other friends with young kids have been in touch from time to time.

Jemma Beeke, the author of The Show at Rickety Barn, got her contract and fee (admittedly not exactly enough to go on holiday with, but still...), whereas I am still trying to sort it out!

So 'thank you' to Julia, for letting me know, so I don't get left out again. And I hope this time I get to see my moment on TV!


granny grimble said...

How and when will we get to know the day it's going to be broadcast? I missed the Rickety Barn one too. Will you post on your blog if you get to know the date please.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you!

Yes, I will post up details as soon as I know them. I've already spoken to the publisher about it and the BBC don't have it scheduled yet.

weechuff said...

Congratulations! Chris's boys, Aaron an Joe, always watch CBBC so they are sure to see it. I will let their mummy know when it is going to be on:0)

Lynne Chapman said...

Lovely! I'll let you all know as soon as the publisher passes on the date.

Babs (Beetle) said...

I know what it's like being left out. I once did all the illustrations for the local Co-op's shop windows and in-store signage. Everybody but Mo & I was invited to the special opening ceremony, with newspaper coverage, the Lord mayor etc. The topic of the newspaper articles was the illustrations, but the Co-op didn't feel the need to invite the illustrator!

Glad you found out in time.

Croom said...

Well done Lynne, great stuff. Can someone record it for me please?

At the moment anyone who lives in Spain and did not have a legal Sky TV system installed (which was most people) have lost all channels. Everyone involved in the broadcasting, selling etc have been arrested, fined and even jailed! The legal systems are of course cashing in big time and charging silly money to have it installed so it would seem Dave and I will go without for a good while yet.


Lynne Chapman said...

That's terrible - you must have been devastated. It's a horrible feeling, that sort of disappointment born out of injustice, isn't it? Like a weight somehow, in your chest.

Well done you though (albeit belatedly), for what sounds like a lovely bit of work.

Lynne Chapman said...

That last was to Babs by the way, but I'm sure you must be pretty fed up too Tina. Ah well, back to the knitting bee and songs around the piano!