Saturday, 18 February 2017

Travels in Lanzerote: Day 10. A Little Bit of Fame

Another walking day. This time we walked from the hills of Haria, down to the sea, finishing at the lovely little place we were at the day before: Punta Mujeres.

When we got there, we visited the same little street café as the day before. After our café con leche, we sat down at the sea edge. The colours were so vibrant.

It was mesmeric, watching the sea crashing over the rocks and gradually filling the swimming area. I took the opportunity to do a painting. It was a bit of a challenge, but I was very interested in the clear water in the walled-off section.

Little did I know, but a resident of Punta Mujeres was watching me from the café above. It turned out that she was a regular writer for the Lanzarote magazine. She took lots of photos and says I will be a feature in the March or April edition!

We chatted to her and her husband and they bought us a beer. Then, when we realised we had missed our bus home, they invited us into their home, gave us home-made lentil soup and local wine and then drove us back to Haria. How lovely is that? Sketching does it again!

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