Monday 25 July 2016

My exhibition is Up!

As you will know if you look in here at all regularly, my exhibition, Unfolding Stories, where I am displaying a year of sketchbooks created during my residency at the Morgan Centre, is opening in the morning. Hurrah! It runs until next Monday (but comes down at midday). It's been quite a roller-coaster getting it all ready, but it's all done and ready to go now. Phew.

I have been in the gallery with John all day and into the evening, getting everything up on the walls. We've had lots of help, luckily, from the wonderful Sue Heath, my partner from the Morgan Centre, as well as Chris, a fantastic technician at Z-Arts, and Graham from Dataprint, who printed all the enlargements, labels and wall text for me and who worked alongside us installing the prints. We were all there until 7pm.

It was really hard work, but it has been totally worth it, as it is looking absolutely gorgeous. I am chuffed to bits. 

Here I am modelling my street banner. We still have to put that up when I get there tomorrow, as well as a few other little finishing touches, like setting up the workshop area. 

If you come along to see it, you will also be able to see the 15 minute film the university has commissioned about the project. Lots of footage of me in my posh frock, trying to sound as though I know what I am talking about! It's hot off the press too - the final cut was delivered direct to the gallery at lunchtime by Howard, the film maker, when I saw it finished for the first time. He's done a great job. 

There's a special screening room at the gallery, which is perfect. This is a quick sketch I did while we were shooting the film. They were interviewing Sue (who really does know what she's talking about!):

It's all happening at Z-Arts in Manchester, which is a 15 minute walk from Oxford Road station. Luckily very easy to find too:

Though the show opens tomorrow morning, 26th July, we are having the official preview event a little later, on the Friday evening, July 29th, to coordinate with the Urban Sketchers Symposium (and so people from out of town don't have to travel home, then get up early in the morning). The preview event runs from 6pm until 8.45, then there's a bar which stays open.

If you would like to come to the preview night, you have to sign up for a ticket. Unfortunately, we need to do this, as we are only allowed 120 people. It's fire regs, or insurance, or something boring, but I suppose important.  

If you would like a ticket, click here, (but please only sign up if you really intend coming.

He looks a bit like I feel, after the last few weeks! It's been pretty full-on, and in fact, with the various other things I've had running in parallel, it's been the busiest six months I can remember. It'll all be worth it though, to see all the work up together. 

This week should be good fun all round, what with also taking part in the 4-day Urban Sketchers Symposium as well. I'm delivering a 1 hour lecture about the project at the symposium too. I'm really looking forward to telling everyone about it.

So, come along to my show if you can and, if you want to follow the project online or give any feedback on the exhibition, the hashtag is #sketchresearch. 

Maybe see you in Manchester!


Debbie Eyre said...

Very much looking forward to seeing this.

Unknown said...

Good luck! I am preparing for my first exhibition at the end of August and I'm starting to get really nervous now!

Sharon said...

Hi Lynne, this looks fantastic! Congratulations. Wish we could see it :-(
At least we have the photos
Sharon, Mark, & Kids XX

Mona said...

Awesome work! I wish I could see it in person!

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