Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dressing Up for World Book Day

As you know, I have been sitting at home since yesterday morning, nursing my cold and feeling a bit sorry for myself. How lovely then, to be cheered up with a lovely email last night, sent from a proud parent, whose little girl, Amelie, had chosen to go to school on World Book Day dressed at little Stinky, the baby warthog. 

They made the costume all themselves. Isn't it just brilliant? Check out the little flies!

Thank you so much for choosing Stinky Amelie - he's one of my favourites too. You looked fantastic. I bet you were the star of the day!


I need orange said...

One of the things I love about warthogs is their long auburn hair.

Amelie and her mom have captured that beautifully in her head-dress. :-)

VenetiaT said...

When Amélie said that she wanted to dress up as Stinky the warthog for World Book Day at school, I was a bit stuck knowing how to pull this off!! We really enjoyed making all of this and bringing Stinky to life, popping out of the book with his flies! Thank you Ian and Lynne for creating Stinky, Amélie loves this story and has been so happy you like her outfit!! :) X

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