Monday, 29 February 2016

Urban Sketching Masterclasses Online - Special Offer!

So, spring is pretty much here (in the UK, it has been trying to be here all winter) and while the birds and bees are starting to get creative, it seems a good time for the rest of us to do the same. No... I don't mean THAT (although I don't want to be a party-pooper if you're in the mood), I mean arty stuff!

With that in mind, and in honor of National Craft Month, a little group of Craftsy instructors, who are also Urban Sketchers, are banding together to share an arty opportunity with you...

If you register for any of the 13 classes below, between Feb 29th and March 13th (using the special links here), you will not only receive a HUGE discount, but be entered into a prize draw, where you could win the chance to donate $1000 - $2000 to the 'craft' charity of your choice (Urban Sketchers is one possibility, if you don't have anything in mind. Did you know they were a charity?)

So, what makes a Craftsy class so special? 

Well, Craftsy offers high quality, online courses which you can watch whenever you want, as many times as you want, and from any device. 

You can ask questions of your instructor, post comments and pictures you create, plus you can see the work posted by other participants in the class from all around the world. 

Each class consists of 6-7 short lessons, with homework exercises, and runs for about 1.5 - 2 hours. We are all experienced teachers and, between us, we Urban Sketchers correspondents offer 13 sketching classes - hurrah! 

Several people have asked if I am planning to do a Craftsy class on 'sketching people', to go with my book. For the moment I'm not, partly because I have so much on right now. Also, I think the next class I do probably ought to be a follow-up to my existing, illustration workshop. But also, there are already two really good workshops on sketching people. One is by my good friend (and excellent sketcher) Suhita Shirodkar:

The second is by Marc Holmes, who really needs no introduction if you follow Urban Sketchers:

I can't recommend these classes enough. They are very professionally put together and delivered by experts in the field. Each one takes you through the subject carefully, with lots of demonstrations, which are all beautifully filmed, so you can see what you need to, unlike your average YouTube videos.

My class is a wee bit different to all the others, as mine is the only one on sketching for book illustration, whereas the other classes are all about drawing and painting as an urban sketcher.

This promotion is only offered via the actual instructors, so you need to use these special discount links for it to kick in. If you do, you help us instructors as well because, if we attract new people to Craftsy and they register during National Craft Week, we instructors get entered into a prize draw too. Everyone's a winner!


Carol Berry said...

Great idea! I just bought 1 more, so now have all of these courses ( do not have graphite sketching course as I am currently avoiding messy hands - perhaps for the future).

Pilgrim said...

You are a temptress. :-). I have taken ten of the 13. They are all so good. (Gay Kraeger should be listed here, too.)
Choosing is tough. Craftsy is such a gift to people with time, travel, and/or budget constraints.

Jennifer Skelton said...

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