Friday 9 October 2015

Starting my Residency: First Day!

Things have been very exciting but very, very busy lately. As well finishing off my Sketching People book and setting up the exhibition in Doncaster, I have also just started my residency with Manchester University's Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives. My very first day was on October 1st.

I took the train to Manchester, armed with my new concertina book and my sketching kit. I had a long meeting with Professor Sue Heath to start off the day. She is Co-Director of the Morgan Centre and was the one who started it all off. We talked about all the different researchers I would be shadowing and the projects they were working on, as well as sorting out boring things like getting a 
security pass and a key to the office I can share. 

Then we both went out and did some sketching together to get the ball rolling!

Though a big part of my remit is to draw the research, I am also there to record a 'year in the life' of the centre - everything about the professors, the students, the university campus and what they all get up to.

It was such a glorious day, Sue and I were able to sit very comfortably outside, so I could start my sketchbook with a drawing of the Arthur Lewis building where the Morgan Centre is based. Then, after a lovely 'welcome' lunch, Sue left me to it and I went back and sat on the grass to get a couple more sketches of students:

Pottering around, looking for things to record, I was struck by lots of huge leaves that littered the grass outside the entrance to the Arthur Lewis building. I asked people what the tree was and nobody knew, but other people had noticed how unusual they were as well. 

I figured they were part of the life of the Morgan Centre too, and just had time to paint one before dashing for my train home:

The following day, I was based in Hebden Bridge instead of Manchester, working on the 'Living the Weather' project with Professor Jennifer Mason. She is interested in the myriad ways in which the weather impacts on our daily lives. I did loads of work, so I'll show you those sketches in a few days.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing - turning your hand to so many things. But that leaf takes the biscuit. Great how you did it! Well, that and the gestures of all the students sitting there :)

Linda said...

Beautiful! I love your talent!

Miriam said...

Wow! Time flies! Your first sketches are beautiful! I love that huge leave!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks all :-) It most certainly does Miriam. Glad you like the sketches - the first marks were a wee bit daunting!

Votedwithourforks said...

Did you get the tree identity sorted? It certainly looks like a Paulownia to me.

Lynne the Pencil said...

I did an image search for UK trees with big leaves and decided it could be a Royal Empress, but you might well be right :-)