Friday, 29 May 2015

My Furry Companion is Back!

No, I don't mean John (who is actually getting less furry every year, though don't tell him I said that), but Maddy, my friend's cat. We have been 'babysitting' her for years, including on the occasion of my friend's honeymoon, when Maddy nearly plunged to her death by trying to jump out of the velux in the studio. I only just grabbed her back legs in time.

These days she is a very old lady, so is far less trouble. She is not above stealing my chair as soon as I get up to make a cuppa though:

Even though she just sleeps all day, it's kind of nice to have her in the room with me. I do miss having an animal, but John and I are too keen on gadding about, so it wouldn't be fair. 

Our friends all know we are a soft touch with pets though, so don't need much persuading to act as kennels. One friend got stuck in temporary accommodation some years back, so we had her two cats for months. That turned into quite a challenge: poor Clyde expressed his disorientation in pee, on almost every carpet in the house. I expressed my feelings about this in an illustration:

We did have our own cat once. We stole Smudge from a neighbour. Well, not quite literally, but she came into our house more and more, so we put a collar on her with a message, asking who owned her. The man round the corner turned out to be allergic to cats (Smudge had been his wife's, who had moved to Ireland), so he was very pleased to officially hand Smudge over.

Unfortunately she wasn't an ideal addition to the studio. She once nearly ruined one of my pastel illustrations, by jumping up on my desk. I think Maddy's days of leaping across the room are behind her, so that's reassuring.


Sue Marrazzo said...

what a cool cat!

alec turner said...

Our Diesel sadly likes a little cuddle at dawn, this is mandatory.
His sister daisy decided to show me how long gouache can take to dry once, all over the table, floor, me, bath.....

Lynne the Pencil said...

I think there's another illustration in that, Alec :-)

Davey Atkinson said...


As another pastel illustrator with a cat, I can safely say that paws on pastels is a fairly common occurrence. My cat will quite happily lay on a pastel painting in progress if I don't keep an eye on her.

Can I also say, that I only just found your blog today via a research pastel search and I'm so glad I did! I'm in process of doing my first children's illustration project and I was wondering how I was going to get the illustrations off the various different coloured papers I'd done them on, whilst maintaining the rough pastel edges (they'll finish on white pages). I'm quite experienced in Photoshop, but having found your post about it, it will save me a lot of experimenting time!

Great blog, and such an excellent resource for a fellow pastel illustrator.

Lynne the Pencil said...

That's wonderful feedback Davey - so pleased to be so useful. Welcome aboaed!

I feel your pain re Pastel-Cat :-D