Friday, 4 July 2014

We just passed 600,000 page views!!

600,000 - how mad and wonderful is that?!!

I started writing this blog in August 2008, little knowing how much fun I was going to have with it and how many people from across the globe would look in on me. 

Yes, I know blogging can suck up your time, quite a lot of it. Okay, shed-loads of it. But it has been SO worth it. I have really enjoyed sharing my work with you all, through its various up and downs, ins and outs, and intend to continue to do so despite occasional moans from You-Know-Who. Actually, he is very patient. Okay, incredibly patient.

So - a trip down memory lane... What was going on in the summer of 2008? Well, my new book was An ABC of Nursery Rhymes - I had just received my advance copy. Always very exciting. I was working on the artwork for Dragon's Dinner. I'd just finished the bulk of it and posted it off to the publisher. That's always a huge relief. Or rather, it's a huge relief once they say they've received it, all in one piece, without any unexpected paper-engineering, postman-style. It happens. 

What else..? Kangaroo's Cancan Cafe was on CBBC (I do feel sad that Kangaroo went out of print). At least Julia Jarman and I went on to do lots more books together and the other 3 are all very much still alive and kicking. Plus of course, Jungle Grumble our new one is coming out later this year. Hurrah! 

Most exciting of all, I got approached by the lovely folks at Tameside Central Art Gallery and invited to do my first big illustration exhibition. Here I am in my posh frock with Damian Harvey, another of my lovely authors, creator of the fab An Itch to Scratch

What else can I tell you? Well, the all-time favourite post since I started the blog is still the one about drawing cats, at nearly 25,000 views as we speak. I don't know why that one is so popular - maybe people just want to draw cats more than anything else.

But, it is being gained on rapidly by Tips on How to Draw People, which has had over 22,000 hits.

That's got to be good news for the future of my new project, the sketching book on drawing people. 

I was to send a HUGE thank you to all my readers, especially those loyal ones who have been with we from the beginning. It's fun writing all this stuff anyway, but so much nicer to know somebody is reading and enjoying it.


Valerie Gardiner said...

I think it's us readers who have to thank you for keeping us entertained over the years. You were one of the first blogs I found when I got my ipod and you've inspired me so much in my own work. Thank you Lynn and keep it up!

Veronica said...

How to draw cats has 25000 and one views now! I just wish I had found this post earlier, especially as I am currently illustrating a book about a very particular cat... I'm an old fan of yours, and currently very much enjoying rediscovering your blog - keep up the fab work, truly inspiring stuff.

Mary Jane Muir said...

Congratulations and thanks for creating such a fun and wonderful blog. Whenever I need some inspiration I can always check out this space to see what you have been up to. I love your characters with their many different personalities and colours. Children, teachers and parents obviously love the books you illustrate. Thanks for sharing so many tips and information.
As I said. You are an inspiration! I wish you every success in all you will do in the future.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Congratulations… 600,000 page views… WOW… I wonder how many of those are mine… I love your work and even bought some of your children's books even though my youngest grandchild is now 16… just to be able to really see your work. Hope your book will be available in the USA when you publish it.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you for the lovely feedback. It is fantastic to hear that some readers have stayed with me all that time. Yes, my sketching book will have it's main market in the USA. We have to'sell' the idea to the American publisher before I get a definite green light. X

Creations By Mit said...

Congratulations! I've only been along for the ride for about 2 years, but have enjoyed seeing what you've been up to!!