Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Manchester Library Meets Baby Goes Baaaaa!

I was in the newly re-opened (and gorgeous) Manchester Central Library recently, doing a storytelling event for local schools. I was too busy to look round properly, but what I saw was impressive. They have managed to pull off a modern, hi-tech look, without losing the warmth and friendliness that you need in order to want to curl up with a book. I liked the way the old and the new are dovetailed too. They are very fortunate to have some fabulous old bits to work with:

The performance space was really quiet and just roomy enough without being cavernous for little people. I had a lovely session with sixty 4 - 5 year olds, then ate a rather yummy lunch with the senior librarian in the library's gleamy new cafe. 

On the way out, I spotted this:

I had quite forgotten that Manchester were using some of my Baby Goes Baaaaa! illustrations for their publicity. This is a detail from the 'D' page of the book: Baby goes Da-da! - I think it works really well.

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