Sunday, 29 June 2014

Being Sick and Sketching in the Park (Luckily, not Simultaneously)

So far this weekend, John and I have mostly been in bed. No, I know what you are thinking... nothing saucy (far from it). On Thursday night, during the private view of The Great Sheffield Art Show, I suddenly had to rush to the loo to be violently sick. Not, I hasten to add, an effect of the artwork, but of a very nasty tummy virus. I had my head in the loo once an hour, all night long. Lovely. John wasn't actually sick, but felt awful (at least that's what he said... or was he malingering?). Anyway, we both slept all of Friday and still felt decidedly delicate yesterday. 

Thank goodness it was this weekend though, and I was fit and well last weekend, as that was the weekend of my Broomhill Festival eventFor the last three years, the festival have asked me to run a SketchCrawl in the Botanical Gardens. 

Often the people who come are less experienced sketchers than at the Urban Sketchers Yorkshire SketchCrawls I run each month and my role is more to offer help and inspiration than to actually sketch. In previous years, we have had a fairly modest turn-out though, so I have done quite a bit of drawing too. This year, we had a lovely big group, so I only grabbed 10 minutes at the end to do the quickie above.

It was glorious weather and a really lovely group of people, so we all had a good time. They worked really hard too and several of them have now signed up for my regular SketchCrawls, because they want to try it again - result!


larry said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick. Love your sketchcrawl page.

Dumb question - When you sketch like this, directly with watercolor, what size brush do you use. Also, is it a limp sable or a stiffer nylon brush?

Cheers -- Larry

Serena Lewis said...

Love your sketch, Lynne! Very glad to hear you're feeling better too. I came down with a nasty vomiting bug on Thursday that had the whole of my body in terrible aches and pains too...lasted three days. I sketched while I recuperated in bed after the worst day of it, but I was crushed that I actually did miss out on our Urban Sketch outing in Brisbane this past weekend. :(

Lynne the Pencil said...

Oh, what a pain Serena. Rotten timing. Glad to hear that you are on the mend too though now.

Larry: it's nothing fancy - just a medium size nylon water brush. I am generally grabbing tiny moments, so tend to use quick-access kit that will take a bit of hammer.

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

So glad you were able to get out and capture these, Lynne! And sorry about the upchucking episode!