Sunday, 30 March 2014

Best Book Award - A Lark in the Ark

On Thursday, I got the fantastic news that A Lark in the Ark has been shortlisted for the Booktrust's Best Book Award - how brilliant is that?

Peter Bently and myself are in some pretty awe-inspiring company too: Axel Sheffler (Flap-Flap Farm), Tony Ross & David Wallliams (The Slightly Annoying Elephant) and Ed Bryan (Red Riding Hood) are the others in our category. As, you imagine, I am tickled pink.

We are in a section for the best digital adaptation of books, because Signed Stories has done a superb job of creating a signed and animated version of A Lark in the Ark. Just look at that signer in his waterproof! There's a trailer here which gives you a flavour.

You can vote for your favourite's in all the categories here (vote for us, vote for us, vote for us..!) and you can download the signed versions of the book from Signed Stories here. It's £3.99.

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Creations By Mit said...

Congrats!!! How exciting!!!