Thursday, 19 September 2013

Illustrating a Picture Book: Starting the Pastel Artwork

I have begun the coloured artwork for Jungle Grumble.

I find the first illustration of a new project both daunting and exciting. I'm trying to establish the colours and get a feel for the book, but at this stage I still have a free reign to explore. For instance, I'd quite like to keep the simpler spreads for this one a bit painterly.

I have very little time to get my two illustrations for Frankfurt done, so I am a little nervous. They have to be with the publisher for the end of the month. I decided to start on the easiest of the two, so I would more rapidly get a sense of achievement, to keep me going. It's actually the first spread of the book. This is how it looked after one day:

I am experimenting with my desk in a different place in the studio, because the light has been a bit on and off. It's been either really dark, because of nasty weather, or bright, blinding sunshine. The new position is lighter, but slightly cramped. Still, I have lots of handy table space and so can have the laptop beside me, so I can see my reference photos, for colour.


Martina Carvalho said...

Hey, I appreciate you share your working process, may I ask you a technical question? You always make the originals in much larger proportions than the printed ones? Is that because it's better to work on details and you get better quality, or just a preference of yours?
Thank you!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Hi Martina - it's because you can't get detail with pastels if you work too small. It's still tricky on the most complicated illustrations, but theres a limit on how large is practical.