Tuesday 27 August 2013

New Demonstration Films: How to Draw Bears

John has now finished editing together the films we shot recently. There are five new films altogether. 

The ones that are entirely new are three demonstrations, showing how to draw the bears from Bears on the Stairs. I take them one at a time, sketching them in pencil and talking you through what I am doing and why, as I go along. First I tackle the Big Bear, and draw him sliding down the banisters:

Then I do the small-but-growly Little Bear, pulling a rude face:

In the third film I draw the fat koala, picking his nose:

The other two films we've uploaded are remakes of the How to Draw a Cat film we made some time ago. We were never very happy with the fact that some of the initial sketching is not very visible. In hindsight, I also felt that the introduction, though full of interesting information, might be a bit annoying if all you wanted was a drawing lesson. 

So, as part of the revamp, we have split it into two films. Part 1 is me talking to camera about the various cat characters I have created for my books and how I use reference to create the poses, a lot of which has been re-shot, providing close-ups of my illustrations as I talk:

Part 2, the drawing demo, we did from scratch. But because I didn't want to just repeat what I had done before, I chose a different illustration to draw. It's the same kitten as before, but this time I talk you through created the illustration from Baby Can Bounce, where she is sharing an ice-cream with a little spider friend:

If you have the time, do please take a look at them and let me know what you think. I would also be interesting to hear if you have any thoughts about films you would like to see. Oh, and please don't forget to 'share' the links if you like them, so more people get to see them.



Amy Chandler said...

Thanks again Lynne for sharing, I just Love love your videos with all your little tips as you go a long :-) Its great seeing how your illustrations develop from simple shapes, and how you tweek as you go, makes perfect sense! As a lover of pastels, I also enjoyed your short films where you were using them to colour, love to see another of those :-))

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback Amy. That's great to hear!

I don't suppose you would be me a favour and leave a similar comment on the actual YouTube video would you? Every little helps :-)

Amy Chandler said...

No probs! :-))