Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pastel Drawing On Location

I am doing a lot of waiting at the moment. I can't proceed with my mural until I get the go-ahead on the rough and I am also waiting to hear back from publishers about book projects. I hate that 'in-limbo' feeling, so have decided to get on with other things and forget about it all. 

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, I was inspired by all the different work I saw at Sheffield's Open Up. It's so lovely to visit other local artists, especially in their work space. Since the weather was so lovely at the start of the week, I took my pastels out into the Peak District for some sketching:

I don't normally use pastels on location, as they are really messy, tricky to transport and the results are a bit of a nightmare to get home unscathed (especially as I can never resist the double-page spread). But I tried doing it once last year, during a SketchCrawl out in Edale and was really pleased with the results... I had another go on Tuesday morning. The one below was what I spent most time on. The light changed a lot, as the sun was in and out, which was quite a challenge, but I didn't mind, as I wasn't trying for naturalism, more an impression, capturing colours and shapes:

I tried fixing it, but of course, all the colours were immediately dimmed and it lost its impact (grrrrrrr...), so I then spent ages reworking it, to brighten it up, and didn't spray it again. 

Then I did the drawing at the top very quickly, as the sun had gone and things had turned windy and cold. I used a 2nd sketchbook, so as not to damage the first drawing any more than was necessary.

I was back in the studio by lunchtime, so felt very pleased with myself. It was just what I needed to kick-start the day.

You can see the rest of my sketchbooks on my website or, if you are interested to watch me create a sketch, take a look at this film from my YouTube channel:


Sonja Häusl-Vad said...

so beautiful, I love the way you are using the colors in this pictures. I can feel the sun and the wind... :-)

theartofpuro said...

Beautiful colors:)What a great place to draw:)

Cameron said...

Being in Nature and creating art....I can't think of a better combination!

Your interpretations are just gorgeous. Such splendid color...a delight to the eyes :)

Rolanas Stankūnas said...

Yes;] I plan to draw some landscapes soon too, Can't wait ;]