Friday, 15 March 2013

SketchJam - Carolan Folk

As you will know, if you read this blog at all regularly, I love sketching to live music. The two things go together so well and the music (and the beer) really helps to get your sketching arm moving! 

This set are from a recent evening I spent with a few of my SketchCrawl North buddies in the White Lion pub, listening to Carolan folk music in their tiny front room. 

It was a very intimate experience, as the space was only about the size of the average sitting room, so we were very much on top of one another. There was no way to be discrete about the sketching - it was obvious from the outset, but the musicians took it in good part. 

There were in fact about the same amount of sketchers as there were musicians! 

I decided I wanted a change from my trusty watercolour pencils, so took my paints and graphite sticks instead. To ensure I stayed loose, I used the technique I learned from Richard Camara at the Lisbon Urban Sketchers Symposium: applying the colour first and the line later. 

We had drawn this group once before, just under a year ago. On that occasion, during a pause in the music, the man above said 'I like to draw', so I recruited him on the spot to SketchCrawl North. He joined us for our summer sketchcrawl out in Edale. We must do that again once the weather is nice (it snowed again today - brrrrr...)

In the meantime, we are sticking with indoor locations. Our next SketchCrawl, if you want to join us, will kick off from 10am in Sheffield's Endcliffe Park cafe (brave souls can try drawing out in the park itself). Then, in the afternoon, we will again be entertained by live music: we have been invited to sketch at the rehearsal of Sheffield Oratorio Chorus, which should be amazing.

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