Friday, 1 February 2013

Sorting out the Books

The bookshelves in my studio were getting a bit crazy, with things stuffed into all the wrong places or flowing out onto the floor. I am not one of these people who can live in chaos. I don't mind a bit of untidiness, but I have a threshold, then I can't concentrate until things are more neat and tidy.

So I took a little bit of time this morning to sort it out. Much better: 

I am showing you, because I know I am nosy to see other people's studios, especially their bookshelves. 

The top shelf on the left is older sketchbooks (the brown paper package is to protect a couple of big ones from my art college days, which are over 30 years old). The shelf below is new, unused sketchbooks and below that is used ones from the last 10 years. Below that is sketching gear then, below that, all my 'in progress' sketchbooks are on the right (I always have loads on the go: different sizes, different papers, ones I leave because they don't have enough free pages to last a whole train journey etc.).

While tidying, I pulled out some sketchbooks and found this piece of paper scrunched up underneath. It's biro drawings, obviously done on a train. I must have forgotten my sketchbook and pencil-case one day, so drawn with what I had on scrap. I thought I'd share it with you before I throw it away:

Back to the bookshelves, in case you're interested: the bottom left is stock of my own books, for selling, plus books of my writings done on Electric Tomato nights, and the bottom right is visual reference books (which, if I'm honest, I don't use much anymore, now Google Images is so quick and easy). The hardbacks of my picture books, which I use for events, are above the reference and, above that, are other people's books, bought as inspiration (or because they are so gorgeous, I just can't help myself!). The rest is reference, or design books.

I love books. I can't imagine not hoarding them. E-books are just not the same. I have loads more bookshelves downstairs for other stuff:

Right, back to work...


Louise Forshaw said...

Love your work Lynne!
Just watched a few videos on your website - very helpful and inspiring!
I've also found you on Twitter too and sent a few tweets.

As an inspiring picture book illustrator, I've been right through your blog. Any news on when 'Swap!' is out? I need a copy :)

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks Louise - so pleased you have enjoyed reading through the blog.

'Swap!' was originally coming out later this year, but the pubisher has imploded, so my new book, and all my back-list with that publisher, has been transferred to a sister company to manage, who have pushed Swap's publication back a year: now due out some time in 2014!!!! Very frustrating, but nothing to be done.

Sorry I haven't replied on Twitter, I am not very good at it: still something of a novice. I use it mainly as a way to pipe the blog to an alternative audience. Probably just as well, as all this web-based stuff is quite addictive enough!

Louise Forshaw said...

I've just went and bought a bunch of your books. Particularly looking forward to Bears on the Stairs after seeing your blog posts.

Sorry to hear about 'Swap!' looks like such a lovely story will be waiting for news of it's release in 2014.

I loved your 'Swap!' spreads and am very inspired to do a few of my own for my portfolio. I find drawing on a bigger scale a bit difficult though!

I loved your video on how you started out and hope that in a few years I'll be doing my own about my very first picture book :)

Lynne the Pencil said...

That's great - thank you Louise!

Good luck with your work. You don;t have to illustrate as large as I do but pastels are definitely best done as big as possible, as you'll soon find out if you give them a try.

Have fun, and I hope you enjoy the books x

Sue Pownall said...

So interesting, thanks for sharing. I totally agree ebooks are not the same.