Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Coventry Book Award: Still in the Running!

Remember I told you, way back in November, that Baby Goes Baaaaa! had been shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Children's Book Award? Well, over the last few weeks the competition has turned into a knock-out: each week the 2 books with the least votes gets eliminated (yikes!)

The fantastic news is that I have survived through the first three knock-out weeks and am still, so far, in the game. There are just six books left in my category, 'Never Too Young', but I need more votes to keep going. 

Now, sad but true, I'm not one of these authors or illustrators who wins loads of awards (sob), so it would mean a lot to me to get this one, not just for the head-swelling factor (always nice) but also to help with raising the profile of my new baby books. 

Baby Goes Baaaaa! and Baby Can Bounce! were created in consultation with my friends the lovely Early Learning librarians, to help with the early development of young children and ensure that sharing books with your baby is lots of fun. 

I'm really proud of both books, but of course, nobody will buy them unless they know that they are out there: awards are a great way of letting people know a book exists.

So... I need your help. If you like Baby Goes Baaaaa!, please, please, please go to this link - it's the work of a moment (by the way, since I am in the Never Too Young category, unless your child is school age, you just put 'baby' or 'pre-school' in the 'school' box). 

Thank you! Wish me luck!!


jabbott said...

you got my vote x

Ethna said...

...and mine!

sarita said...

...And mine! best of luck...:)