Friday, 11 January 2013

Sketchbook: Morning Train to London

John and I have just got back from a flying visit to London. It was a treat I bought him for his birthday (I love presents where I get to go too!). We had just one night's accommodation, but we got away really early on Wednesday morning and came home really late last night, so squeezed 2 full days out of it. We mainly hit galleries and museums (I'll show you some sketches later). This was on the train down:

He was a shocking fidget, but I was still pleased with the result. Luckily I was more or less done by the time the man next to him opened the FT and pretty much obliterated my view.


Mary Walker Designs said...

Love the side by side!

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Sounds like a brilliant trip. Excellent photo showing the subject matter and the sketch, perhaps the FT man was trying to hide :) Hope your book ideas are going well, I'm Illustrating 2 new ones, completely different to the last!

Ethna said...

Great to see you 'in situ' as it were.
I've often imagined you in the train and how close you were to your subjects.
Lovely sketch, thankyou Lynne!