Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Carols at Weston Park Museum

Arriving back into Sheffield station, after one of my Nottingham school visits at the beginning of the month, I was struck by the most beautiful singing floating up the stairs from the entrance. It turns out to be Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus singing carols in gorgeous harmonies which swelled and resonated, filling the station forecourt. It made me stop in my tracks to listen. 

I had to get home, but their flyer said they would be singing at Weston Park Museum nearer Christmas so, as soon as I got in, I wrote the date in my diary.

This Saturday afternoon, John and I went to listen. They were outstanding. The harmonies were so beautiful it actually made me well up in a couple places. The space had lovely acoustics and, because it was an informal recitation, we were up really close and I could draw. I could see the singers looking and, sure enough, as soon as the singing was over, they all came rushing over to take a look.

I know a lot of sketchers can be intimidated by the attention, but I really love that part of it. John and I stopped to chat for ages afterwards to various members of the chorus. I was introduced to their Chair, who asked if perhaps they might use the sketches for Christmas cards next year.

A very uplifting interlude. Thank you Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus - truly beautiful.

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