Friday, 14 September 2012

Sheaf Park Festival - September SketchCrawl

SketchCrawl North was invited to take part in the Sheaf Park Festival last Saturday. The event was perfect for this month's SketchCrawlthere was so much to draw, including these fantastic Latin American dancers in wonderfully colourful costumes, which I tried to capture using my Inktense watercolour pencils: 

It was a scorchingly hot day: perfect for the occasion. This event was a little different for us sketchers though - for the first time, we had a stall: 

We didn't have much time to prepare anything fancy, but thanks to Andrea Joseph, who brought lots of laminated sketches to hang like bunting, it looked fabulous. 

We tied some of our sketchbooks to the stand with string, so people could look through them and Matthew Midgley had mounting some of his favourite drawings from past SketchCrawls onto mountboard: 

It was great to have a 'base camp'. We took turns sketching out around the festival and manning the stand, where we signed up some new members, ate ice cream and drew the tea stand opposite:

There were several live music acts, so I got to draw musicians again, like a mini SketchJam. My favourite was a band called Johnny and the Prison Didn't Help BoysI always love sketching to music: I was singing along while I was drawing:

The dog show was really funny. The highlight was when a cute, little Jack Russell won the 'Best Trick' category by doing a pirouette on his back legs, to much cheering from the crowd. Dogs are impossible to draw though - they were so excited, they didn't hold still for a moment:

It was a prolific sketch-day, including a morning of drawing the comings and goings outside Sheffield station... well as the festival in the afternoon. I can't fit everything in here, but you can see the rest of my sketches from the day in the Picture Gallery, as well as other people's work on the Sketchcrawl North group page.

This is a short film made about August's SketchCrawl at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park:


Kayleen West - Children Writer/Illustrator said...

Oh there is nothing better than pouring over other people's sketchbooks. I start drooling at the thought. I love the raw spontaneous interpretations of a brief moment captured and how each artist interprets the same view or subject so differently. I miss doing this!

Anonymous said...

That booth is a wonderful idea. Thanks for writing about it and sharing the photos. Attaching the sketchbooks to the table with string is a very good idea.

I wish SketchCrawl North wasn't just on Facebook. I can't see it. Not everyone is willing to have an account there. I used to live in Leeds and would like to follow it.

Mai Kemble said...

very impressive! love the use of the Inktense- maybe I need some for myself ;)
love the sketches!!!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Sorry Redharparts - I used to use my Blogger Picture Gallery for SketchCrawl North images and news, but Facebook is so much easier for me - once it's set up, I don't have to administrate it at all. The SketchCrawling group is all done in my spare time and I have enough trouble finding time to organise all the events and administer the email newletter, I simply can't manage anything else, so I'm afraid Facebook it has to be.