Monday, 16 April 2012

School Visits: Children's Letters and Drawings

Because of the number of school visits I've been doing recently, I have received lots of nice emails and also some fun parcels from the postman. The parcels were actually more like very fat envelopes and, when I opened them, they were stuffed with lovely letters and drawings from children, thanking me for my visit. 

These illustrations were sent to me by St Nicholas Primary School in Hurst, in Berkshire. Aren't they great? 

We did an 
illustration workshop, where I showed the children how to use facial expressions to let people know what their character is thinking, then how to dress or accessorise them, to give clues to their age, sex or personality. Next we learnt how to make our characters run really fast, how to create distance and depth in the background and how to use weather to add atmosphere to a picture. The children did a great job and picked it all up really well, as you can see.

Thank you to everyone for all your letters, especially to the Y3 children at Coppice Primary School, who I met in Oldham, during the Picture This! exhibition - they win the prize for the fattest envelope ever!! (Nice snakes by the way). Hope you enjoy reading my reply!

I am so glad everyone enjoyed my visits and found them interesting. It was lovely to meet you all. Don't forget what you have to do to get really good at your drawing... remember..? Yep, you got it... PRACTISE!!

Oh, and if you want some help with drawing either cats or dragons, take a look at these two films I made over Easter...


Liz Steel said...

thanks for posting these videos... not that I intend to need to a draw a dragon anytime soon ...but I just LOVE watching your videos so much!!!

Lynne the Pencil said...

You could perhaps draw a dragon breathing fire from the roof of the next building you sketch - that would make people look twice!

Alena said...

I guess, I'd learn something from that class too))) Letters with snakes are soo nice :)

June said...

The pictures the children did with the help of your workshop are wonderful! I love that angry elephant :)