Monday, 23 April 2012

Class Two at the Zoo Assembly: Anaconda Eats Reception Class!

I had a great email just before Easter, which really made me smile. It was a letter from Mrs Dobson's Reception Class at Sir John Barrow School in Cumbria, telling me about their school assembly, and the 'ginormous anaconda' they made from a gigantic box and an awful lot of papier mache. 

As you can see from these wonderful photos, they staged a re-enactment of Class Two at the Zoo. Mrs Dobson and the Reception children built the snake with the somewhat wet and slippery help of Nursery, and the steadier, guiding hand of the anaconda's Technician-in-Chief and Senior Designer, the fantastic Mrs Wilkinson (...huge round of applause, please)! 

There were two grand performances, firstly for all the families who were invited in specially, then a reprise for the WHOLE SCHOOL! Everyone were deeply impressed, as you can imagine. All the other children were desperately jealous and so Reception let Y1 and Y2 take goes at being eaten. Even a couple of teachers sneaked a turn!

This is Mrs W shrieking with horror, as yet another poor child is gobbled up whole! You can see from this rare shot inside the gullet of an anaconda, mid-munch, how clever she was, creating something big and robust enough to do the job:

Thank you so much to Mrs Dobson for forwarding me the children's letters and all the photos, and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Reception Class for what sounds like an amazing assembly - quite possibly the best assembly in the whole world, ever! A copy of Class Three all at Sea is on its way to you as a reward for all your hard work.

So, next year's assembly will be about pirates - start thinking Mrs Wilkinson!


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