Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Baby Goes Baaaaa! - Author Copies

Whenever you have a new book published, your contract allows you a number of free copies. How many you get depends on how generous (or mean!) the publisher is, but generally it seems to be about 10 copies.

The author's copies usually arrive a little in advance of the books hitting the shops. Baby Goes Baaaaa! is coming out next month, so I got home from a day at Prospect Hill Infants School in Worksop, to find a parcel waiting for me.

It's so exciting to see the final, actual item, all shiny and colourful and real! And of course, it's especially thrilling when the books are entirely mine: when I've created both the text and the illustrations.

You can pre-order copies of  Baby Goes Baaaaa! and it's sister Baby Can Bounce! (due out in July) from Amazon.

If you are interested in how children's books are developed, you can follow the progress of both these books, starting with my earliest sketches, through the production and submission of roughs and then the pastel artwork, digitisation, proofs... right through to the finished product. It's all here on the blog: I talk you through the whole process, looking at hoe the work is going every few days and explaining why things are done the way they are. Use the labels opposite and scroll down through the older posts.

There are also films of me talking about how I illustrate my picture books on the main website.


Gaia Marfurt said...

I love the covers! Congratulations! :)

Loretta Schauer said...

Congratulations Lynne! What an exciting and satisfying moment. The book looks fabulous!

Joyeeta Neogi said...

Lovely cover Lynne ! Congratulations!

eyebeat said...


I'm new to your blog and found you through Urban Sketchers. Just wanted to say I love the life in your illustrations. You want to hug them all.


Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you guys, and hello Nancy - welcome! x