Friday, 17 February 2012

Sheffield: Part of the International Sketching Community!

Last week, I got another of those lovely packages - you know, the ones that come in jiffy bags, so can't possibly be a gas bill? Yes: it was my copy of the brand new, hot off the press, Art of Urban Sketching. And by golly, it's gorgeous!

Lucky little me got sent a complimentary copy, because I am in it (yes, look closely on the above page and you can just about make me out). I can't take credit for all the sketches in the Sheffield section though: many are by fellow SketchCrawlers in Sheffield. You might recognise some drawings from our very first, city centre SketchCrawl.

Sheffield Sketchcrawl
has been so active over the last year, we attracted the attention of Gabriel Campanario: the man behind Urban Sketchers and the one who made the book happen, by pulling together the best Urban Sketching from around the globe.

I am really proud to be one of the  many correspondents who regularly post sketches from all corners of the globe. In the new book, we talk about how we work and what we like to sketch in our very different locations.

It's so interesting to compare all the different sketching styles and also see the different sketching kits we each take out and why we've chosen certain tools. This is my train-sketching gear above.

If you would like a copy, you can
get it here on Amazon. The RRP is £17.99, but it's currently on at £11.87 with free delivery. It's a fat book, bursting with artwork, so that seems incredibly good value


Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you!

Erin K said...

Oh wow! That's wonderful! It's always nice to get something in the mail this is not a bill. *giggles*

JohnHarrison said...

How spooky!...I was browsing the blogroll on the USK member list, and as Sheffield is near my home town of Leeds, I just clicked on your link: with my other hand, I'd just finished opening my brand new copy(fresh from Amazon) of the splendid new book, and guess which pages it fell open at??

cue twilight zone theme tune

Lynne the Pencil said...

I can even add to that as, even more spooky: at Saturday's Sheffield SketchCrawl, we decided to have a change and meet next month to SketchCrawl in Leeds...

Want to join us?

JohnHarrison said...

Hi Lynne, thanks for the invite -I'd love to, if the date fits in around other stuff(my wife's on a year-long post chemo treatment, so a lot depends on that).
Let me know where and when,and if at all possible, I'll be there...still ploughing through the best art book I've seen in years!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Hi John - sorry for the delay. It's going to be Saturday March 24th in Leeds. Drop me an email or join SketchCrawl North at for more details plus that will keep you up to date with what else is coming up.

Wish your wife well from me x