Saturday, 11 February 2012

Impromptu SketchJam at the Gardeners Rest

Lifedrawing at KIAC on Wednesday evening was particularly cold. Mind you, having said that, it was even colder last week. The poor models have been positively goosey and, even in multiple layers of jumpers, boots, 2 coats (!) and drawing in fingerless gloves, I've still felt very chilly on my extremities. Luckily they ply us brave souls with free coffee at half-time to warm us up a bit.

Even more lucky, when we are done we always hot-foot it (cold-foot it?) down the road to the Gardener's Rest pub, where all is cosy and warm.

It's a lovely, friendly pub. They exhibit artwork on the walls and often have live folk music. We were indeed in luck, as some great musicians got cracking almost as soon as we arrived.

Like last time, I whipped out the sketchbook and tried to capture what I could. There's something rather special about drawing to music, especially something with a bit of a beat. I often find myself bopping up and down while I sketch!


Jacek Krenz said...

Ola Lynn, so nice to follow your amazing drawings! Best from me and Kasia :)

Lynne the Pencil said...

Hello Jacek! John says hello too x