Friday, 19 August 2011

Live Music - SketchJamming in the Park

I spent last Sunday afternoon sitting in front of the beautifully restored bandstand in Sheffield's Weston Park, listening to a great rock / blues band called Fade 2 Black. Well, actually, I had only half my brain listening, the other half was frantically sketching.

I warmed up by painting the view above, while the band was setting up. I'd got there really early to ensure a space right at the front, with a good, close-up view.

It was then that I realised: if I sat on the grass with everyone else, I wouldn't see much worth drawing, as the bottom metre of the raised bandstand was boxed in! So I did my usual attention-seeking, and sat myself on the bandstand's front steps, peering into the front for the entire afternoon's set.

It played havoc with my bum, knees and back, as the steps were concrete, and I had to twist round a bit awkwardly (which my physio would have loved, I'm sure) but it was worth it. 

I started off by drawing in graphite stick, which gives a nice, loose line.

Then I got brave and whipped the watercolours out. 

I have been dying to try and see what happened when I tried to paint the 'moving target' of a live band, and this was my 1st practical opportunity. 

It was great fun. I love working with the music: the full-on experience of marrying the 2 creative elements at the same time feels rather special. 

I can't wait for the chance to do it again.

The band asked if they could have the sketches to put on their website. I really like that idea, linking the music and painting together further.

If you're interested, the band are playing again soon, at the Art in the Gardens event on Sat 3rd September. It's an excellent day out anyway - all that art packed into the lovely Botanical Gardens. Well worth a visit.


Caroline said...

Wonderful sketches :)

Gillian Olson said...

Wonderful sketches, you catch the action so beautifully.

Sabrina Carauta said...

Your drawings are awesome!! I loved it! Congratulations!

Alison said...

Fantastic as ever. But can I ask which way round you do the drawing and the painting? Do you sketch then watercolour or the other way around?

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks folks.

Alison - I used to always draw forst, but since I've come back from the Urban Sketchers Symposium, I have been putting down the watercolour before any line work - I am excited by how it helps to keep things free.