Thursday, 21 April 2011

Escape to Cornwall

Having finally finished off all my artwork for Baby Goes Baaaa!, I have been rewarding myself with a few days holiday, sunning myself, way down in Cornwall. Yes, that's why this space has been unusually peaceful this week!

John and I got up at 5am (eek!), so we could make an early start and miss the traffic: painful, but worth it, as we were there by just after lunch.

What an amazing time we picked to get away eh? Pure luck, as we booked it weeks ago. Every single day was gorgeous, hot sunshine. We went with a couple of friends, and we stayed in a B&B in Padstow which, for those who don't know it, is set on a remarkably beautiful bit of the British coastline.

Here are a couple of sketches. I did loads, but it's still too nice and sunny outside to be in here scanning sketches, so I'll show you some more later.


Peter Bangs said...

two fantastic sketches from a lovely part of the world. And yeah, sketch don't scan. You shouldn't be inside in this wonderful weather we're having.

Anonymous said...

I love cornwall. Great sketches x

SKIZO said...