Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Author Visit at Berry Hill

Not a hill with berries, but Berry Hill Primary School in Mansfield. It's quite unusual for me to be doing school visits in January, yet this is the 2nd, not counting the lecture.

And what a lovely school! All the children were really excited in advance and so they were all smashing sessions. I spent the whole day with KS1, and we had great fun with the stories.

I read Stinky!, which is a current fave, as I love getting them all to be the flies - 60 kids all buzzing together! I did my latest, Bears on the Stairs too, complete with rap poem (I even remembered the words this time!) and, of course, Class Two at the Zoo to Class Two. Plus, with Reception, we read An Itch to Scratch: I get them all singing, and scratching different bits of their bodies, to the tune of 'If You're Happy and You Know It', but changing 'happy' to 'itchy'!

They did great drawings too - nice to see children who are happy to do big images that fill the A3 paper edge to edge. The drawings here are the ones I did one the journey to Mansfield and back.

So many children bought signed books after school, that we ran out, so I have to spend most of this afternoon signing loads more, ready to post back to school - how lovely.

Thanks to everyone at Berry Hill - really nice to meet you all!


Unknown said...

I really like these drawings!

Unknown said...

Thank you for coming to my school on Monday. I really enjoyed Stinky and I'm looking forward to my signed book. Mummy likes the picture of Mansfield Railway Station.

Issac Hibberd

Lynne the Pencil said...

Hello Isaac! So glad you enjoyed my visit. I had a fun time too.

Tell you Mummy 'thank you' and say hello to your class from me!