Thursday, 6 January 2011

Starting Work Again

Ah well, the holidays are most definitely over, so this week I've started to get stuck in.

One of the first things on the agenda is tweaking a few of my roughs for the Baby Goes Baaaa! project that I'm working on with Egmont Children's Books. I need to get motoring on it, as ideally the artwork needs to be finished by the end of next month, before the main school-visits season in March.

However, while I'm
waiting for the specific details from the Art Director, I've been doing that dread task: the annual accounts. At least I already did half of it a while ago, so it's not been as bad as it might be.

Actually, this sounds a bit sad but, though the thought of ordering and entering all those receipts is a bit intimidating, once I get going, I almost enjoy the repetitive, mundane nature of the task. I have the satisfaction of getting a job done, but there's no pressure to be clever, or creative, or witty, or original. Yep - definitely a saddo.

Back to all that clever-clever stuff next week...


Veronica said...

BIG congrats on the book! But *groan* all my receipts are in a shoe box (still, eek!), I am super envious of your organised plastic walletedness!

Ann Pilicer said...

You do wonderful work. Very inspiring and so well organized!
Beautiful style! :D

Jane said...

Hi there, I have just found your blog, what a great read it is!! I shall come back again over the weekend to have another browse. I love your style,such characters!
Kind regards, Happy New Year.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks guys. And a special 'hello' to Jane - welcome!

Jon Davis said...

Hope the book work goes well, and excellent example of organised office stuff. Quite inspiring :)