Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bookaboo on CiTV - Don't Miss Stinky!

Just a reminder that the new series of the fabulous Bookaboo, begins tomorrow morning on CiTV.

The first story in the series is Burger Boy read by Johnny Vegas.

There are 13 books in total, each read by a different celeb, just like last time.

I am so flattered to have my book Stinky! by Ian Whybrow chosen for this series, as well as having Class Two at the Zoo in series 1.

Julia Jarman, who wrote Class Two at the Zoo, has also made it into the 2nd series as well, with Kisses Are Yuk! read by Omid Djalili (to be shown on Nov 14th). A very funny book - don't miss it!

The episode featuring our cute, smelly friend, Stinky! is broadcast the following day, on Monday Nov 15th (which, as it happens, is my mum's birthday, so that will be a nice little extra for her - hello Mum!). It is read by Maisie Smith from Eastenders.

Bookaboo goes out twice daily on CiTV during the week, at 12:00 and 15:15, then on Sunday Mornings, on ITV1 at 07:10 (a bit early for me, especially on a Sunday, but then, I don't have kids to wake me up at 5am!)

By coincidence, I bumped into Lucy Goodman from Happy Films (who make Bookaboo) when I was at the Cheltenham Festival recently.

She was also doing an event, introducing Bookaboo to his fans! Unfortunately I was in a terribly rush (and feeling a bit stressed out, to be honest), so we only had time for the briefest hello over a half-finished cup of tea!

Anyway, remember Nov 15th at 12.00 or 3.15 - be there or be square!


granny grimble said...

What a great addition to my birthday presents. I shall certainly be watching. Have we been told who is reading it Lynne, I can't find it.
Love Mum XXX

Lynne Chapman said...

Sorry - I thought I'd said, but that was in the earlier post, when I first found out. It's Maisie Smith from Eastenders. I've added it in now - thanks for letting me know!

paulstickland said...

Greetings from a fellow scribbler!
Great blog you have here Lynn.
Pleased to see Lucy has another series, I've known her for years.
First time I've sat down at my desk for a couple of weeks, I've been out on the road too.
So what am I doing reading other people's blogs??
There's a text to write!
Fascinated by the Sketchcrawl.
Best wishes, Paul

Lynne Chapman said...

Hi Paul! Love your stuff - those pop-up bugs and monsters are fabulous.

Allen jeley said...

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