Saturday 5 June 2010

Meeting the Team at Andersen Press

When I went to London, I visited Andersen Press, the publishers of Bears on the Stairs. Believe it or not, all contact so far has been via phone, email and post, so it was lovely to finally meet Rona, the editor, in person and be introduced to all the team.

As Bears on the Stairs comes out in August, Andersen had just received an advance copy and were very excited. It's beautifully printed and looks great. They also gave me a pile of postcards they have printed to help promote the book. Fun, aren't they?


Mary Lou Rosato-Caine said...

YaY!! postcards look great! Have Fun :-)

Damian Harvey said...

This looks good Lynne - always nice to have postcards to hand out... especially when you don't have to buy them all yourself :-)

Liook forward to seeing this in the shops x

Jon Davis said...

Excellent stuff, it's all very exciting :)

Unknown said...

Oh and there's a koala! Crikey!

Love it Lynne.

Do check out our photos with BBW and No 5 at:

Big wave from Oz!

Deb and the children xxx