Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Words of Wisdom

Arriving home from Italy in the dark, suitcases in tow, we had trouble opening the front door: a great mound of mail fought us back. Despite my tiredness, I enjoyed a frisson of excitement at all those envelopes.

Of course, they mostly turned out to contain bank statements, pizza-house menus, bills & flyers canvasing for the election. I did extract a few nice bits from the pile though: a couple of outstanding cheques for workshops, a premium bond win of £25 and, best of all, an A4 envelope containing a copy of Writing Magazine.

Yes, this is the month that they are publishing my words of wisdom (!). You probably won't remember but, way back in the new year, I wrote an article about my work and the relationship between words and text in a picture book. I had forgotten all about it too!

I'm really pleased with how it looks. It's an interesting magazine too. So rush out and buy a copy and you can read my wisdom for yourself (although you've probably had quite enough of my ramblings by now...).


Liz Steel said...

congratulations!!!! Very exciting. Not sure if we get that magazine in Australia - I will look out for it next time in a newsagency.
BTW been loving your travel sketches!

Karien Naude said...

Congrats, it looks fantastic!

girl absessed with game said...


Mary Lou said...

This is cool lynne- I will look for a copy at the store. How's the foot these days??

Have a nice day:)

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks folks.

One foot is fine now Mary Lou, but the right one, that had the double-blast, is giving me a little pain again at the moment. But that is expected: it has to get a little worse before it gets better!

Damian Harvey said...

I always knew you had wise words Lynne. I'll go out and pick up a copy right now. Well... after lunch anyway.

Jon Davis said...

Excellent, well done for getting in a magazine.
Great stuff :)