Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I Am Home!!!!

We finally got back late last night.

Yes: we got trapped in Italy by the Iceland volcano eruption. A whole extra week. All rather ironic, since we were stuck in Naples, at the foot of Vesuvius!

I will, of course, be filling you in on how it all went and showing you some sketches, maybe even a photo or two, but a pyroclastic flow of emails surged into my inbox this morning when I logged on, so I need to set-to with the sensible, boring stuff before I get to chat further.

Back soon...


BookStop Literary Blog said...

pyroclastic...a great word! I loved reading about your trip. Thanks for the view from your eyes.

Lynne Chapman said...

Hi Kendra - glad you enjoyed it. There's more to come actually, as we got stuck a whole extra week in Italy because of the volcano eruption in Iceland (kind of ironic, given we were within sight of Vesuvious). Ended up on a wonderfully tranquil island off the coast of Naples, paddling in the sea with the dark, volcanic sand between my toes... Jealous?

Jon Davis said...

Welcome back.
Glad you managed to make the most of being marooned for an extra week :)